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About Us

Our journey was started way back when we were in college in our 3rd years. Ayush had been exposed for 1 year on developing quantitative trading strategies and Mohit had the tech geek inside him. Within the founders, it was never formally announced that we would be starting a company, back then, it was just a college project. .

Ayush had a dream to run on of his trading algorithms in the Indian Stock Markets. He had developed enough for the US markets and was paid well for that, he decided to replicate it on the home ground.
In May,2016, the first version of the backtester was made. It was very crude. Just an Ad-hoc project. It still exists on github here
Then there were some ups and downs and project took a back seat.
Back again in Oct, 2017 , both the founders either didnt join their offers from different company or left their jobs, and formally start as a company that will strive to develop cutting edge stock market simulators for the Indian public. The team tried to remove most of the issues which traders face, especially new traders face when they want to backtest their trading strategy. Obstacles like Buying the data from a data vendor, buying charting softwares, learning a new programming language, and connecting the system to the brokers terminal . We decided to merge all of these. We incorporated the data, made a program that reads english based strategies and connected it internally with our broker, so that a person who whats to deploy his/her algorithmic trading strategies doesn't have to search and read the entire universe to do so.
We truly strive for the development of this domain in India.
And finally here we are, with the First release of the Stock market simulator. All set with our Stock Market Simulator. We would be starting with our live trading services soon enough.
A small note on Algorithmic Trading : Developing algorithmic trading strategies need only one thing: A logical start to an idea. It needs to be a logic. Random formulas dont work in the long run. We request our users who are keen on learning and implementing trading strategies to feel free to mail us at .
Because for us, its a passion, not a business.

Please feel free to fill our mailboxes as much as you like OR chat with the person in the right lower corner, he's always free.