Strategy Development Contest(SDC)

Launching a unique contest to test out best brains of the nation to create Algorithmic Trading Strategies.


Cash Prizes

Stand a chance to cash prizes of INR 1,00,000.

Algorithms Quant Backtest
Internships Opportunities

We always seek talented Quants to be a part of our team.

Intern Job Career

Get an experience of working on an actual algo-trading strategy

Knowledge Strategies Launch

SDC is a 8-week long contest wherein particants are required to create trading algorithms using the Backtesting System


Your Trading Algorithm must be profitable

Long/Short with Target Stoploss

Algorithms should be created with Bracket order only

Hit Ratio

Hit Ratio should be more than 0.51


Not more than 30% of the stocks in your portfolio should be from the same sector.

Liquid Stocks

Stocks having per day volume of less than 100,000 will not be considered in portfolio.

Intraday Algorithms > Day Trading

Priority in ranking will be given to intra-day trading algorithms


At the end of 8 weeks, all the algorithms created by the participants will be evaluated on a 1 year backtest data of over 200 stocks of the National Stock Exchange and based on their performance the rewards will be distributed.

Q. How do I create my trading algorithm?
A. Trading Algorithms can be created using the backtesting system here.

Q. Which programming language is required to create algorithms?
A. No programming language is required. A lot of functions are already there in the system with examples on how to use them. Reading and Understanding the Examples is important.

Q. How many algorithms do I need to submit?
A. We will be evaluating all your algorithms meeting our criterion. The more the merrier. These will be tested for correlation so that similar algorithms are not selected by a participant. Only unique algorithms count.

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